Boeing uses Blockchain technology – Security

Boeing uses blockchain technology ? As many industries and companies seek ways to understand and benefit from the blockchain technology, so does Boeing, the number 1 aircraft manufacturer. Boeing in a speedily move, just filed in a patent application for “onboard backup and anti-spoofing GPS system” that would be used as a substitute to plane’s primary systems, should they stop functioning during a flight.

What is GPS spoofing and how does this relate to the blockchain technology?

GPS spoofing is an attack on GPS receivers with the aim to broadcast incorrect GPS signals to make them look like normal signals by rebroadcasting signals captured at different locations.

Blockchain data will then be used as a backup should there be an attack on the GPS receivers and its been detected by anti-spoofing systems. In such an event, the backup information stored on the blockchain will be used. This will, therefore, guide the pilot from being misled and will direct them towards the normal route. This technology and idea can also be applied to other forms of vehicles with GPS systems.

Spoofing of ships is assumed to have been carried in the black sea by Russians this year in August as it is assumed they attempted spoofing the GPS of US Maritime.

What do you think as Boeing uses Blockchain technology? Do you think this is a smart move by Boeing to file for this pattern?

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