Best 4 Altcoins to pay very close attention to in 2018

2017 is drawing close to an end but it has been undoubtedly the best year for cryptocurrencies thus far. This year, we have seen Bitcoin and some other coins grow more than 2000%. We have also seen some new coins that came into the space just this year but became more successful than some older coins. This year also, we heard financial experts and governments sing the same old song over and over calling Bitcoin a fraud and saying it will crash. That notwithstanding, Bitcoin has actually “crashed” “30X” but after every “crash”, we saw it come back even much stronger with new record highs each time. Below are the 4 best altcoins we expect to see massive growth in 2018 and reasons why.


The first of best 4 altcoins is Ripple. This is one of the most hated coins by Bitcoin Satoshi fans given its presumed “centralized” nature. This hasn’t stopped the coin still from excelling. Just like Bitcoin, the more it gets criticized the more mass adoption it gets. We should expect to see mass adoption of this “shit coin” (as termed by many) in 2018. It has already proved its growth potentials this month by increasing more than 84% within 24 hours followed by new record highs that saw it hit more than $1.30 during the general cryptocurrency minor correction in December.

It should also be noted that this coin was one of the only few that “stood tall” during the correction of 22nd December. Furthermore, no matter how fast we would love to see mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, we are not there yet. While the “supposedly transition” takes place, Ripple is one of the only coins that works directly with banks. As we don’t expect to see banks go completely obsolete within the next 5 years, Ripple will remain that bridge as it continues to sign great partnerships such as their latest with American Express.

Also, Ripple is generally loved for its more stable nature especially during very high volatilities. In fact, some financial advisor’s advice crypto investors to have at least a portion of their investments in ripple because should governments completely outlaw cryptocurrencies, Ripple stands to be one of the only cryptocurrencies expected to be safe.

Bitcoin Cash

Though another hated coin mostly by Bitcoin fans, “Bitcoin crash” will explode in 2018. BCH was launched in August 2017 recently hit a record high of $4,100 on 20th December before currently settling at $ 3.000 irrespective of the negative publicity from Bitcoin core lovers. Here are some reasons why BCH will go viral in 2018.

BCH is a more upgraded version of BTC with faster transaction time and lower fees per transaction. You might hate it all you want but people will always go in for more convenience (both technological and financial) than emotional attachment to a coin. In fact, don’t be surprised to see a Nokia / Apple like situation between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. In 2018, many Bitcoin core investors will gradually switch to BCH especially because of the transaction fees which are expected to keep on rising. This doesn’t mean Bitcoin core will just get replaced by BCH that easily, but a broader acceptance of BCH will have an impact on BTC’s price.

Also, Roger Ver may be hated by many in the Bitcoin core space but he still has thousands of loyal fanbase whom he will continue to influence and preach against BTC. In 2018, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see more whale BTC investors back out and endorse BCH as the co-founder of did 2 weeks ago.


This is one of the first altcoins created after Bitcoin and is said to be the better version of Bitcoin. The coin has seen a slow but steady growth even though towards November 2017, it saw massive growth and more adoption. This is one of the coins which will benefit from the setbacks of Bitcoin as it has low transaction fees and provide faster transactions.

Also, a lot of crypto analysts predict atomic swaps in Litecoin should lead to a much broader acceptance of the coin. Atomic swaps lets you swap LTC for BTC without going through exchanges. This technology offers a less costly and safer way to perform transactions.

Also, with the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies we experienced in 2017, 2018 is predicted to be even more and Litecoin is among the coins to benefit more from the predicted mass adoption given the fact that mainstream investors are expected to join the train in 2018, because of its fairly cheap price and great potential, it still serves as a much better investment than Bitcoin and Ethereum.


This is one of those underdog coins to pay close attention to in 2018. It had an ICO which was record-breaking in terms of dollar contributions and active contributors. It only got launched on December 13th after failing to deliver its initial launch of November 1st (due to security issues) is also expected to blow in 2018. Less than 2 weeks after its launch, it is now more than 8X ICO price after hitting $0.13 (13X ICO price). This coin also claims to be the coin of the people and plans to launch a mobile “mining experience” app in early January. This mining app launch will see even more adoption of the coin. Who wouldn’t like to earn free money by just having their phone on and running?

The team behind this coin is made up of great marketers with a successful record of accomplishment. Given the fact that the coin is already proving successful just by word of mouth, you would want to imagine the mass adoption that will come after the expertise of the team is utilized. Also, the coin has a very loyal and active fan base on social media. This has also helped in spreading the word around which has been partly the reason for the huge success the team is experiencing.

Disclaimer! Please do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency. No single person or organization can guarantee 100% accuracy within the cryptocurrency space. We therefore always advice all our readers to always do some more research before investing in any coin.

Let us know in the comment section below which coins you are investing in and holding through 2018. Also, let us know which coin in your opinion should have made the best 4 altcoins.