Was McAfee hacked by one of his friends?

If you have been following the cryptocurrency space lately, you will know McAfee has been playing a critical role in the industry and recently, he took onto a daily announcement (which he has now changed to weekly announcements) where he tweeted one coin he thinks has great potentials backed by reasons to support his choice. These tweets have often led to massive pumps and then steep dumps (for some of the coins). This has also led to a great concern among some cryptocurrency investors who term it pump-dump sessions.

tweet also circulated supposedly accusing him of being paid to do publicity for coins with the aim to pump them for payment in Bitcoins. Mcafee was still busy trying to convince his followers to believe the account claiming to be Mcafee was fake before another twitter drama started.

Today, Mcafee claimed to have been hacked on Twitter after a tweet went out endorsing another coin (something which his followers expected to only happen on Monday).

Who is John McAfee?

Ever heard of the McAfee antivirus? If yes, he was the founder. John McAfee is a British-American businessman and computer programmer who resigned from McAfee Associates in 1994 only a few years after creating the company. He is currently said to be worth $4 M after peaking a net worth of $100 M before the economic crises.

In September of this year during an interview in Romania on blockchain and Bitcoin, he challenged hackers to hack his phone after claiming to have made his personal information public, so hackers could try to hack him. He also claimed his friends are all hackers because he could easily learn from hackers.

Well, seems like he just got hacked by one of his friends… What do you think about these pump session currently influenced by McAfee?

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