Ripple numbers continue to rise, could XRP hit $10 in 2018?

Following our post two days ago where we predicted Ripple to be one of the 4 coins to watch out for in 2018 at that point Ripple was around $1, Ripple’s price keeps breaking new records with a new record high of $2.25 as of writing time. Ripple should see a price correction within the coming hours, but this should be short-lived and only a minor correction as it is one of the most stable coins (at least among the top 10 coins). The big question remains, could XRP hit $10 in 2018?

What now?

  • A minor correction in price within the coming hours and days given the fact that some traders will want to cash out some profits. This should be followed by another price run-up.
  • Given the very slow growth rate of Ethereum, it won’t be surprising for Ripple to occupy the second spot in market capitalization into 2018.
  • Ripple could easily hit $100 B market cap in early 2018 as the growth rate is likely to continue into 2018.
  • Everything being equal, Ripple can hit $4 Mid 2018 or even earlier.

Reasons Ripple can easily hit $4 by mid-2018.

Firstly, it is one of the coins which solves an immediate real-world problem… faster bank transactions. As already discussed in our earlier article, we should expect to see banks being around for at least 5 years in as much as we would love to see a cryptocurrency takeover. During this expected transition period, we can at least expect Ripple to be one of the better solutions for banks.

Ripple’s price is relatively more stable than most top 10 coins. This, therefore, helps motivate its investors (especially newbies) and gives them a reason hold. As with all other coins and assets, one of the driving factors for an increase in a coin’s price is high demand over supply. This should, therefore, impact Ripple’s price positively.

Increasing regulations like the recent South Korean regulation could cause some investors seeking safe havens to store their coins one of which is Ripple. This is because Ripple could easily be accepted by Central banks and the governments if there was an outright crypto ban (a ban is less likely to happen) due to its “centralised nature” as its often being called.

What do you think about this bullish price run? Let us know in the comment section below.

Disclaimer, like we always advice all our readers, please do your own research before you invest in any cryptocurrency given its risky nature and difficulty to predict with 100% accuracy.