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Bitcoin rise has sparked interest in crypto careers

Bitcoin rise has sparked interest in crypto careers according to leading UK job site, a recent report released by the website shows December surge in the price of Bitcoin had more job seekers pay special interest in cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology, Blockchain technology.

A year ago, the Blockchain tech was virtually unknown to many people outside of tech circles and Blockchain companies struggled to find recruits. Stats from the site indicate there was a talent mismatch as blockchain roles outnumbered candidates by 4 to 1. This however changed In December of 2017 as the price of Bitcoin gained traction so did the interest in the coin and blockchain technology.

According to the site, the average salary for roles requiring “Blockchain” expertise ranges from £30,117 per year for a Research Analyst to £67,209 per year for a Software Architect.

Last week during the World Economic Forum in Davos, the potential of Blockchain was highlighted with political and business leaders discussing its future and potential to help both developed and developing economies. This highlights how Bitcoin rise has sparked interest in cryptocurrencies.

Bill Richards the managing director at global job site Indeed said;

“Bitcoin was designed to be a secure and anonymous way of paying for things and for some, its rocketing value is a sideshow. Nevertheless, its stellar rise has turned Blockchain – the technology that powers it – into a tech pin-up for ambitious jobseekers.

“Blockchain developers argue Bitcoin is just the start and that the technology has huge untapped potential. Hundreds of companies are now investing in staff and skills in an effort to develop new applications for Blockchain.

‘‘While the number of opportunities and searches remains modest, Indeed’s data shows companies are increasingly seeking experts to focus on this new technology – and job seekers have been quick to react.

‘‘It is worth noting that these are specialized roles and they can be hard to fill. However, Blockchain is a field that is certainly worth watching as both job seekers and employers seize the opportunity to capitalize on its potential.’’

Click here to see the top ten Blockchain roles according to data from the site.

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