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Here is how to safeguard yourself from unintended cryptocurrency mining

In 2017 there were rumors that pirate bay, the popular torrent site was embedding crypto mining software on its site that would enable cryptocurrency mining. This story caused an uproar on the internet among the users of the dubious site.

Pirate bay was taking advantage of its visitors by high jacking their CPUs and processors to do cryptocurrency mining.

Lately, stories of Android phones and government websites being compromised to mine cryptos have surfaced. A good example is that of Android phones being highjacked to mine Monero tokens and also the government of UK websites been targeted.

Pirate bay came out with a statement to defend its actions by stating all they were trying to do was make up for lost revenue from the cancelation of advertisements on the site.

So if you were wondering how to defend your self from hackers, here are a few ways you can do it.

Use an extension


cryptocurrency mining

You can use MinerBlock or No Coin on google chrome or your preferred browser. They provide a quick fix for individuals seeking to moderately protect themselves. They allow the user to whitelist and blacklist sites as they block all crypto mining attempts.

Also, you can utilize Scriptsafe, a Javascript-blocking extension.

Use antivirus protection                                      

It’s the first necessary step you have to take. By utilizing a software like Bitdefender of Kaspersky which is usually inbuilt in our computers or any other best free antivirus solution, it will protect you from malicious malware.

You can easily monitor if cryptocurrency miners are trying to hotwire your pc and take it for a spin by opening activity monitor on a mac or task manager on windows pc. If you find any suspicious behavior you can configure your antivirus software.

So by taking the following steps, you can at least guarantee your PC is safe from cryptocurrency mining.

Click here to see how you can use MinerBlock and No Coin to defend your PC.

In the comment section below tell us what you think of this story. Have you ever been a victim of unintended cryptocurrency mining?


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    March 13, 2018

    Crytocurrency mining has become popular so its important to know how to safeguard yourself from hacks.

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