Jetmint: A one stop management platform for both Investors and ICO initiators

Jetmint, founded in December 2017, is an open platform built for both investors and ICO initiators. It will be issuing its own token, named XYZ, on the Stellar network. The project is positioned to be an open digital asset minting and management system with the prime focus on providing comprehensive services for incubating initial coin offering (ICO) projects; it will act as a one-stop platform not only for project initiators to showcase their projects but also for investors to invest directly in such exciting projects presented on the platform.

Utilizing the Jetmint system, project initiators and investors can allocate resources efficiently through market screening mechanisms. In addition, by providing services such as blockchain projects demonstration, intelligent Token distribution, community marketing/event-hosting modules, and many others more as indicated on Jetmint’s white paper. This project will help investors obtain precise record related to project information and all modifications to their project information by lowering the technical barrier for fund-raising initiation, providing guidance to more competitive ideas and resources to the market quickly and orderly.

Being the nexus of digital asset initiator and investors, Jetmint will also be able to help project initiators by providing technical support, and Token minting evaluation and management. It will also act as a media platform for Token fund-raising. This not only is making it easy for Digital asset investors to invest directly in Tokens via the said platform but also is helping project initiators to reduce the marketing cost of their projects.

The advantages of Jetmint for investors and project initiator:

  • Professional: A team of professional developers on Stellar.
  • Secure: Comprehensive authority strategy, secure management architecture.
  • Efficient: Real-time, Interactive management mode.
  • Quantitative: In-depth assessment, mining, and analysis based on user characteristics and behavioural data.

Finally, Jetmint is planned to develop its own new public chain standard in the future, to improve the current decentralization mechanism, to optimize intelligent contracts, and to realize a free flow of value across different chains.


Jetmint’s media:







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