Trying to learn bitcoin? Here are the top 3 podcasts to listen to

When you are trying to learn bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies it can really be tough especially trying to make sense of the new technology. The good thing is you don’t really have work hard and stress yourself to get a grip on the crypto market, by just listening, you can educate yourself quite fast and make smart investments.

Below I will share with you three podcasts that will help you to learn bitcoin and the blockchain technology.


Nothing much than a microphone is needed when you are trying to create a podcast but having knowledge, personality and an understanding of great content does help. Unchained is hosted by Laura Shin. She started the podcast while she was working at Forbes as a senior editor. Now she runs the podcast full-time. Unchained consists of interviews with industry experts who are grilled by someone that understands the industry and ensures she gets the most out of her guests. Unchained is a great place for newbies and experts alike who are trying to learn bitcoin and other altcoins.

Blockchain Insider

Bitcoin and other altcoins don’t operate on their own. They are part of a revolution that is taking place in Fintech. The blockchain insider is hosted by Colin Platt and Simon Taylor and each episode lasts for about an hour. Here they discuss bitcoin and the distributed ledger. They ensure they conduct at least one interview that sheds the light on something different from what other experts focus on.

The Bad Crypto Podcast

Joel Comm and Travis Wright, the founders of the podcast both are well experienced in the world of technology but in late 2017, when they began the bad crypto podcast, they admitted they were trying to learn bitcoin and other altcoins. On top of the regular dose of humor, they hold regular interviews with industry experts as well as give down to earth explanations on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.

What other podcasts do you know that are great for people trying to learn bitcoin and other cryptos? Let us know in the comment section below.



Basil Kimathi

Basil is a Bitcoin and blockchain evangelist with several years of writing in the tech and finance industries. Having several years of freelance experience with leading cryptocurrency and tech related sites in past, he believes strongly in the revolutionary power of the blockchain technology. You can get in touch with Basil via twitter @basil_kimathi

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