NEO can be the ultimate Ethereum

NEO has garnered praise and popularity since it was created in 2014. Many refer to it as the Chinese Ethereum. The platform focuses on smart contracts with more emphasis on less energy consumption and versatility. Think of it this way, if Ethereum is crude oil then NEO is clean energy. With this in mind let’s have a look at a few reasons why NEO can be the ultimate Ethereum.

One factor that ensures it stands out from the Ethereum platform is its dedicated bookkeeping nodes. It also supports more programming languages and it’s also a lot faster. The fact that it’s fork resistant means we will always have only one variant of Neo. Formerly known as Antshares before being rebranded to Neo in June 2017, the platform has gained massive popularity by virtue of being a smart economy platform.

NEO currently trades at $196 and has a market cap of $3,393,383,500 making it number 9 on the list of the top cryptocurrencies. This is all testament to its unique qualities. It’s also important to note that NEO has made some powerful friends in the likes of Microsoft and Alibaba. It’s this kind of acceptance and endorsement at a time when Ethereum is really suffering that predicts NEO can be the ultimate Ethereum.

Another major advantage it holds over Ethereum is the fact that the platform is more open to compliance with governmental oversight and regulations something that explains why it has performed so well in China.

Holding on NEO ensures investors gain by an increase in token value. Also holding on the tokens generates GAS that can be used to conduct NEO transactions or traded on crypto exchanges. Ethereum already as competition from Ethereum classic and Cardano in its markets but NEO seems to be in control of a large Chinese market.

As NEO partners with more Chinese companies, its dominance and influence keep on increasing in the Asia region and this can enable it to capture the vast market without any real threat from outside.

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Basil Kimathi

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