MasterCard is recruiting 175 employees including blockchain specialists.

Virtual currencies brought to light the blockchain technology. But now it not only serves the financial sector but the technology has been applied to almost every sector; from healthcare to gaming to money transfer. Although most financial institutions are not into cryptocurrencies, they are applying the technology in their money transfer operations with blockchain specialists helping in unlocking its power

MasterCard is seeking to explore ways in which they can use the blockchain technology as they look deep into the future of payment infrastructure. They are seeking to put together a team of blockchain specialists to help them meet that future today.

The blockchain specialists will be based in MasterCard’s lab in Ireland. MasterCard is looking at hiring a total of 175 staff. Some of the positions that the company seeks to fill include information security, software engineers, blockchain specialists, analysts, data scientists etc.

“MasterCard’s decision to expand here is an important landmark and I warmly welcome the new jobs that are coming with the announcement.” Said Heather Humphreys T.D, minister for business, enterprise, and innovation.”

The head of MasterCard labs, Ken Moore, told Irish tech news;

“Ireland is the heart of our global innovation efforts – throughout MasterCard, Dublin is admired as a key technology hub – we’re looking to replicate the innovation culture we’ve fostered here in our offices around the world. The vibrant culture we have here makes it the perfect place to recruit for these highly-skilled roles. We need great minds who can look outside of MasterCard’s traditional payments expertise and create solutions to benefit our customers around the world, and I’m excited to grow our business here.”

MasterCard’s country manager in Ireland, Sonya Geelon noted that the staff  located in Dublin will be responsible for developing innovations that will revolutionize the payments’ future around the globe.

MasterCard and Visa have labelled cryptos as credit advances a move that introduced a 5% charge when you use their cards to transact cryptos. however MasterCard had earlier indicated that they will accept digital money when central banks endorse or issue them.

With the blockchain technology being adopted by major players in the financial sector, eg Santander bank, do you think digital money is not very far from mass adoption by the same institutions?

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