Crypto weekly wrap-up: how to store your crypto and more

In today’s column of crypto in brief Saturday, it’s all about you. More specifically, it entails how you should safely store your crypto seed and keys to the locks to prevent malicious individuals from stealing your crypto. Additionally, we got a cornucopia of other juicy morsels in this weekly roundup of the last 6 days in the cryptocurrency space.

Store your crypto safely

Currently, there are malicious individuals out to steal from your crypto wallet through the most sophisticated means. As such, it is important that you take certain precautions to avoid being a victim of these thefts. Trezor gave a few practical tips on how to achieve this and made sure to leave nothing to chance. Especially if you are a famous crypto bigshot to be recognized among large crowds, never carry your wallet with you.

Bitcoin crazyness: a bad name for a good app?

Bitcoin crazyness is a cryptocurrency tracker app with all the normal features. However, what makes this app so cool is that it’s got inbuilt trading signals such as Fibonaccis. One can even set alerts for the best time to trade.

Bmex gets suspended by Japan’s crypto regulatory authorities

Following the recent Coincheck hack, Japan’s financial agency has been flexing its muscles by clamping down on impropriety. FSA inspected Bmex, one of the country’s biggest exchange on March 5th. This resulted in their suspension until June 12 as they put their house in order.

Halong mining delivers its products

The Bitmain competitor was initially labelled as a scam by many as they believed the firm would never deliver the Dragonmint 16T. Some people, including’s Cobra, were very adamant on this issue. However, though late, the company was able to deliver the world’s most efficient bitcoin miner. As such, Cobra in a tweet stated that he was wrong about the firm and had misunderstood its mysterious nature.

What security measures are you taking to keep your wallet safe?

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