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‘And Its Gone’ , a marketing stunt gone wrong as CEO jeopardizes ICO

On Wednesday, investors of a new startup were made to panic after Savedroid CEO Yassin Hakkir tried to be clever with what has now been termed as a marketing stunt gone wrong as it’s CEO jeopardizes ICO. He thought it was a clever ploy to raise awareness on ICO scams but was not well received by investors.

The guy at the centre of the controversy is Yassin Hakkir the CEO of  Savedroid who on Wednesday sent shivers down spines of his ICO investors after he posted a picture of himself on the beach with the caption ‘And Its Gone’ on the website.

At the headquarters of the startup, the offices were empty. Theo Goodman, a bitcoin enthusiast visited the offices of the startup yesterday and posted pictures of the empty spaces adding that nobody was present at the company offices. The CEO was also supposed to attend and speak at a Frankfurt event on Tuesday of this week but didn’t show up.

A day later, Yassin has come out to reassure investors that all is well but they are having none of it with many equally pissed off as they thought their money was gone. One Twitter user by the name @CryptoCharge who claims to have been involved in the startup’s ICO since the presale stage expressed his anger on twitter saying it’s a really bad idea for a fintech company to make fun of its investors.

Yassin later published a video on Thursday Saying – we are still here – we are not gone and actually we will never be gone, @CryptoCharge responded by tweeting that all trust is gone and he can’t trust the guy or the start up again. The user goes on to add he will try and get out as soon as possible – a sentiment we are sure is shared by the rest of the 34,999 investors of the ICO.

ICO scams are no laughing matter as a number of investors all over the world have been defrauded millions of their hard-earned cash. If the Saveroid CEO Yassin Hakkir was trying to raise awareness about ICO scams as he claims, then he chose the wrong strategy and as it stands, he has jeopardized his company.

Do you think Saveriod’s CEO jeopardizes ICO with such moves?

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