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Dash-to-fiat instant conversion now available for faster payments.

As more and more virtual coins seek ways to enhance instant merchant payments, Dash has gone an extra mile to bring the experience a little closer to its users. Dash is now available on Paycent mobile app where it provides the Dash-to-fiat instant conversion capability which will provide a secure and an easy way for local merchant payments.

Paycent is a wallet for both cryptocurrency coins and fiat and the app aims at being a leader in cashless and mobile transactions the world over.

The integration of Dash on the Paycent app puts Dash on the doorsteps of more than 30 million merchants globally

According to Bradley Zastrow, director, business development, Dash core group,

“Paycent’s real-time transaction speed and multiplatform API makes this a great opportunity for anyone, regardless of experience with digital assets, to make payments to merchants and pay cross-border remittances using their smartphone. This is the kind of integration that makes cryptocurrency’s payments potential a reality to the global public”

Nitin Gupta, COO, Paycent, also noted the fast transaction speeds of Dash as part of the main reasons why they have decided to support the digital currency in their mobile app which is currently available in iOS and Android application stores. In his remarks, Nitin said,

“One of the reservations the average day person has with utilizing cryptocurrencies is transaction settlement times. No other digital asset can compete with Dash’s Instant Send transaction speed. Dash allows merchants the ability to receive payments instantly from the customer, making Dash one of the first entries into real-life consumer payments making it no different as if you were to swipe a credit or debit card.”

The integration between Dash and Paycent has been made possible by BlockCypher, a web services and infrastructure provider based on the blockchain.

The Dash-to-fiat instant conversion capability puts Dash closer to being the preferred digital currency coin for payment of goods and services.

Do you think this new integration of dash into the Paycent app will increase Dash’s adoption as the preferred payment digital coin plus a hike in its price?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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