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HTC is set to launch phones that can run blockchain based decentralized applications

HTC is set to become the latest tech giant to embrace the blockchain. The Taiwanese smartphone maker is set to launch phones that can run blockchain based decentralized applications (DApps).

The company is developing an Android smartphone that will go by the name Exodus. This phone will use the distributed ledger technology to offer native cryptocurrency experience. Some of the features that will be added on Exodus include a P2P resource sharing ecosystem for payments and apps, a cold storage crypto wallet, encrypted communications and secure exchange access.

Also, offline storage of cryptocurrencies will be extremely secure as long as private keys will be backed up and never shared.

Phil Chen, the decentralized chief officer at HTC says:

“The Exodus is ‎the first native blockchain phone dedicated to bringing end consumers ‎the best-decentralized application (DApp) experiences, including a ‎built-in secure hardware enclave, and helping underlying protocols ‎expand their base of dedicated nodes, thus expanding the total ‎blockchain ecosystem.” ‎

The smartphones will also have the ability to create native blockchain network where they will act as nodes that will facilitate crypto trading among the users of the phones.

Chen adds that through Exodus, HTC is excited to be supporting underlying protocols like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lightning Networks, Dfinity and many more.

Chen concludes by saying:

“I want to see a world where the end consumers can truly own their data (browsing ‎history, identity, assets, wallets, emails, messaging, etc.) without the need for ‎central authorities. There is a lot of work ahead of us, but I believe the mobile ‎hardware layer can contribute significantly to our decentralized world,”

Now that HTC is set to launch phones that can run blockchain based decentralized applications, do you see other smartphone makers coming up with similar competitive products that are built around the blockchain?

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